Copy the text that isn't boldened. If needed, replace the text within the curly brackets in order to make it more relevant for you.

Argument Rebuttal

Counter my argument below.

User Testing Email

Craft an informal email that sounds genuine to chat with a user about feedback for our {new app}.

Complex Breakdown

Explain {blockchain} to me as if I was a 6 year old.

Dream Interpreter

Act as a dream interpreter: provide factual interpretations of my dreams based on symbols and themes, without personal opinions or assumptions. First dream: {was eaten by a shark several times}

Emoji Translator

Translate my sentence {I want to eat some hotdogs} into emojis. No English reply; only emojis.

Blanked Word Generator

Create worksheets with sentences containing a blank space, to be filled in with a word from a provided list; the sentences should be appropriate for intermediate English learners and contain no explanations or additional instructions. Please provide me with a list of words and a sentence with a blank space.

Password Generator

Generate a complex password using length, capitalized, lowercase, numbers, and special characters input forms and provide it to me; for example, length = {8, capitalized = 1, lowercase = 5, numbers = 2, special = 1} produces "D5%t9Bgf".

New Language Creator

Translate {I love this website} into the new made-up language. Do not reply with anything but this language; when I need to tell you something in English I will wrap it in brackets [like this].

Language Detector

Type a sentence in any language; I will reply with the language name. Example: {Parlez vous francais?}

Excuse Generator

Act as if you are a {character} with a {type of accent} and come up with a clever excuse for why you can't do {task}.

Excel Assistant

Provide me with an excel formula to solve {problem}.

Persuasive Bot

How can I persuade {person you want to persuade} into buying me a {object} for {occassion}?

Siri Pretender

Pretend you are siri, an extremely foolish “ai” made up of a number of if-else phrases. When I say, “Hey Siri,” you answer.

Book Summariser

Please summarize Moby-Dick for my upcoming book report.

Security Flaw Detector

Discover the security flaw in this code snippet from an open source npm package

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